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Everyone loves a good's ours

On a random Saturday afternoon on a boat ride with my family, I pulled out my phone and recorded a few second clips. I put together this video documenting my intrusive thoughts and let it sit in my drafts. Little did I know the nerves I would strike when I finally posted this video. The views climbed so fast and so quickly. 20K. 75K. 150K. I finally landed on 2.3M with thousands of comments from women everywhere saying “omg I’m not alone”, “I thought it was just me!”, “You mean this isn’t normal?”

I found my people. So many women said they felt so alone in their thoughts and didn’t realize this was so common. Postpartum mental health is such a delicate and often overlooked topic. After having a baby it’s not always rainbows and sunshine. To everyone I’m a nobody, but to someone I can make them feel less alone. I’m not here for high dollar sales, publicity, or any vanity metrics. I want just ONE woman to feel less alone in her postpartum journey. So why not combine that with my love of designing and selling clothing? I want to offer pieces that celebrate the big and little moments of motherhood. I hope you find something you love and feel seen and validated in your journey as a mother.

Throughout this journey I have had the opportunity to sell small batches of my  holiday inspired designs in a local boutique.  This is a woman owned business and her support of my passion is incredible. If you are a woman owned business and interested in partnering with me, please reach out. #womensupportingwomen

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